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We offer a variety of services for the Sydney area, including remedial waterproofing in Sydney, concrete repairs in Sydney…

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The results obtained are from over 20 years experience in the building industry and contain information on the building such as:

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Watersedge does everything from Remedial Waterproofing to Concrete Repairs in Sydney.

Why Choose Watersedge!

We are the platinum waterproofers in the Sydney area. With plenty of experience and friendly staff, we make all waterproofing repairs as straightforward and hassle free as possible. We specialise in both residential strata and commercial waterproofing, and are licensed, insured, and qualified to work in both markets. Within these markets, we handle a wide array of surfaces, including rooftops, warehouse floors, basements, retaining walls, planter boxes, tanks, balconies, decks, facades, and carpark waterproofing in Sydney. By preventing water ingress and redirecting water flow, we ensure that each of these surfaces is kept as waterproof as possible. So whatever job you need done, let us handle all your waterproofing repairs in Sydney.

In addition to waterproofing, we provide a variety of other services, including concrete repairs. We specialise in waterproofing membranes for Sydney homes and commercial and industrial premises and we will provide the most suitable roof membrane for the Sydney area. We are also experts in remedial waterproofing, so call us if your property has already suffered from water damage and you need to upgrade your flooring or roofing.

More importantly, each service for waterproofing in Sydney that we provide entails the following standards:

  • We are the most prompt and reliable waterproofers in Sydney
  • We maintain clear and precise communication with our customers to ensure the job runs smoothly and exactly as required.
  • We carry out professional and excellent work above the standards and specifications required.
  • We have neat and professional personnel who always maintain a clean work site when carrying out waterproofing repairs
  • We carry out waterproofing repairs in Sydney in a manner which is safe for personnel, property, clients and public.
  • We guarantee our work.

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