Knowing that your investment in waterproofing is protected by a warranty can bring great peace-of-mind for both you as a client and Watersedge Waterproofing as the applicator.

Watersedge Waterproofing provides a standard 10 year warranty for all works carried out, and 15 year warranties are available T&C apply.

There are two types of Warranties one for waterproofing products, which are performance warranties of the product and this is supplied by the manufacturer and the second warranty is the workman ship warranty provided by Watersedge Waterproofing  as the qualified, certified and accredited applicator.

We supply both upon payment, not merely product warranties like some competitors provide.

So be sure to consider and compare these factors when evaluating a warranty offer:

  • Length of coverage: This is the main feature that most warranties tout, and what many homeowners don’t look beyond. You should not only see how long the waterproofing product stands behind its performance, but check on whether the product has a history of performance longer than the term being offered. Also, A strong warranty should be valid regardless of who owns the (lot)
  • Dollar coverage: Combined with the length of coverage, this attribute defines a warranty’s true strength. What’s the maximum dollar limit allowed to correct problems? A warranty may offer a lengthy period of coverage but minimal allowances for actual cost.
  • Terms of coverage: What does the warranty offer to correct claims? Merely more of the product that failed? Materials and labour for replacement? Damage resulting from water seepage? Be sure to know exactly what’s covered and how a claim will be handled. Combined with manufacture of the product and Australian Waterproofing Solutions technical representatives, you’ll never be left to handle a problem alone.
  • Source of coverage: A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. It helps little to have 10-year coverage from a company that’s gone in two years. Watersedge Waterproofing has built a solid reputation since the early 90’s and still going strong. Watersedge is proud of the fact that we have not had one single failure since its inception in 1989, and we stand by our services.

Watersedge are Accredited Occupational Health & Safety Systems &  All Current Insurance Certificates for all works carried out.

Watersedge is not responsible or liable for any dispute that may arise from a person or persons that cause or causes undue delays or deliberatley fails to allow watersedge to carry out remedial works or repair works or any othewr works we are instructed to provide.

What we Cover:

  • Application of  Membranes 10 years  Workmanship.
  • Application of Epoxies 10 years Workmanship.
  • Other Trade work or works 7 years as required by Law.

The Manufacturer  or Manufacturers also warrants its product for 10 years provided that the Membrane is covered with 14-28 days or less of application, unless a UV stable acrylic membrane has been used, which is designed to be exposed.  For all non UV rated products the 10 year remains in place, provided they are covered within the time limit advised.

Should the membrane  or works be left exposed to any UV rays (sunlight) then the warranty shall not be valid this applies to non UV Membranes, such as Ultraseal , Dampshield, Adesco, for any other Coal tar free membrane for below ground use.  Products such as adesco, are to be covered once the protective film or films starts to dissolve, should this be delyed beyond our control, and or by others then the warranty shall be null and void.

What we Do Not Cover

  1. Act of God, Lightening, Flood, Cyclone, other physical damage not by watersedge
  2. Other or Others altering our work where deliberate or not
  3. Other or Others damaging out work for inspection or otherwise that which is abnormal to everyday state of the membrane and or works or the original state it was left when completed.
  4. Long term exposure to UV rays beyond what is normal during works being performed.
  5. Other Trade or Trades, that may or may not work within our work and alter it without consent to us shall make the warranty void.
  6. Any further remdial works as required by us, should be notified to us in writing as soon as possible and access granted as to complete the works.
  7. Access to a lot or building or home that is blocked shall void the warranty provided by watersedge.
  8. Whereby anyone who has engaged others to do works with out written consent to us, the warranty will be void.

Note: Any guarantee does not cover failures as a result of structural movement or physical damage to the installation, by any person or person other than the installer, applicator shall be deemed void. 

Watersedge does not hold any liability at all for failing to meet the above, provided our conditions are met.

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